Graduate at a loss; I Moscow on an adventure


One grown-up reason for going to Moscow: to do a CELTA qualification (to learn how to teach English). Who knows, maybe I’ll get a job.

Length of initial stay in Russia: 72 days.

Most feared prospect: being treated unkindly, or like an outsider, particularly if due to my uncool clothes. I hear Muscovite women dress very stylishly.

Most ridiculous suitcase filler: tea. Five kinds. One is a Fortnum & Mason parting gift ‘Wedding Breakfast’ from friends for when I meet my oligarch husband. Then there’s Ceylon, Peppermint, loose leaf Assam and English Breakfast. Not unnecessary, I feel.

Estimated Russian language proficiency: 3.75 out of 10. If that.

Favourite warm item of clothing: a new thin dark green Merino wool jumper that will insulate the hell out of me.

Reason for calling myself Bemily: family impressions of Brian Badonde somehow became directed at me. The video below was sent to me whilst my family were on a skiing holiday without me in February 2013.

Aims for this blog: to update friends and family, to document interesting things, blah blah etc., but in a nice-to-read kind of way! I predict my writing will largely concern food and language anecdotes.

Who am I actually, even after all this information?  My name is Emily, I was born and bred in Newport, South Wales and I have just graduated from the University of Manchester studying Music. I play the piano and double bass and have recently decided that playing the trumpet is my true eventual destiny. I enjoy eating, cooking, smelling, thinking about, writing about (and so on) food of many kinds. And knitting, that too.

3 responses to “Graduate at a loss; I Moscow on an adventure

  1. Bore da to you Auntie! It’s just started snowing here so I am very happy now. It’s less grey and more pretty and white. Soon I will be going ice skating in the park! Looking forward to Christmas in Wales. X

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